Thursday, July 5, 2012

Socializing is hard

Being an introvert can sometimes be challenging. I mean, I like being social and hangin' out with peeps and all but I can't do it continuously, and unlike extroverts who are energized when around people, being social depletes my energy reserves. And if I don't get regular periods of downtime, I start to lose my shit. As in locking myself in the bathroom for a while because it's quiet. A solitary confinement of sorts.

Chaos is my enemy. I know, sometimes I need to allow for spontaneity but chaos drives me a bit bonkers. Noise, people, unplanned events, etc... it all rattles my cage.

I sense introverts are not really celebrated or understood. Let's face it, it's an extrovert's paradise out there. People don't get people who would rather be quiet or alone for a while. It makes no sense to them.

I even get tired of socializing on Facebook and Twitter. I've got social media fatigue. At one point, I just need to shut off that constant bombardment of information, even if it's about people I care about. It's like an assault on my senses, and I must retreat to sensory deprivation.

I've got a copy of Susan Cain's book Quiet, which is dedicated to introverts, but have yet to read it. I've actually got a whole library of unread books which will probably take me a lifetime to get through. But I digress.

I'm actually tired now. Tired of writing. Tired of worrying. Tired of thinking. Must learn to do nothing.